Sustainability Week Challenge!

Explain to an Eco-Rep how you completed a challenge on the below schedule and get a sticker on your score card.

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April 22nd, Day 1: Meatless Monday

Try to go the entire day without eating meat. Too easy? Try going vegan for the day.

April 23rd, Day 2: Unplug

Put your phone and laptop away for an hour. Track your time on Pocket points.

April 24th, Day 3: Waste-less Wednesday

Decrease your waste by using reusable utensils, bags, straws, etc.

April 25th, Day 4: Reuse

Visit IC’s own, free secondhand shop, TIOLI, in the basement of Clarke Residential Hall. Open Weekdays: 12-1pm, MWF: 4-5pm, T: 6-7pm, and TH: 8-9pm.

April 26th, Day 5: Mug Shot

Use your reusable mug when getting coffee or tea.

April 27th, Day 6: Compost

Compost your food scraps and napkins.

April 28th, Day 7: Buy Local

Try to only purchase locally made and sourced goods for the day.